January 22, 2017

About Us

A closeup of the decor in one of the studio rooms

Welcome to DND Photo Studio

DND Photo Studio is a new studio and photographic service, in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in costumeplay as well as conceptual photography. We also offer portraits, headshots, beauty shots, and more.

In the studio itself we will soon be offering several themed rooms, ranging from old-fashioned prairie style, steampunk-influence antique, dark-modern style, a fun candy themed room, and more.

We'll also be making appearances at events and conventions around the country, where we'll offer scheduled and free-form photography.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have, and watch this space, as more will be coming soon!

Who are D and D?

Dan and Danielle are the two D's behind DND Photo Studio.


Dan has been practicing photography since he was a teenager, studying in the United Kingdom, New England, Florida, and South Korea.

In addition to photography, Dan is an avid prop maker and costume player, comfortable both in front of and behind the lens. He also enjoys music, vintage electronics, and various forms of IT.


Danielle has been focused on costume making for the last ten years. She designs her own concepts, as well as her versions of popular characters. She's adept at sewing, as well as prop and accessory making.

Danielle also spearheads the design process for the studio, and has recently, through her own tullebag.com site, is producing her line of custom bags, dresses, and more.