January 22, 2017


Costumes and Concepts

We offer cosplay and conceptual photographic services, in our studio as well as on location.

Headshots and Portraits

We can also do headshots and portrait photography, with a wide selection of backgrounds and options.

Studio Rental

If you have your own photographer or preferred style, our studio rooms will also be available to rent hourly or daily for very competitive prices.

Our Concept

After living in South Korea for many years, we really enjoyed the availability and affordability of themed studios offered there. We've decided to bring that flexibility back to the USA, and offer a service which we sorely missed here.

Our Goals

We look forward to providing costume players with photographic services they will enjoy and afford, and produce high quality images for them. We wish to offer the same positive experience to anyone who needs and wants images, and we look forward to giving that to you!